Prerana gave an impressive Kathak recital ….
She combined graceful movements and swiftness to bring out the beauty of the
nuances that is the hallmark of Kathak. She also demonstrated a good sense of Laya.
Padhant or the recitation of compositions is exclusive to Kathak style that came out
superbly in Prerana’s recital. She combined these aspects beautifully while, excelling
in Abhinaya to perfection ….
Indian express, 1991
Prerana honoured with NrityaShree  
In ‘Uttaradhikar’, a conference to celebrate passing of legacy of the Indian classical art
forms from the yesteryears’ stalwarts to their disciples, Pune’s Prerana presented Kathak.
Complete with the traditional Krishna-Vandana, teental, Chatu-rang and Thumri,
Prerana brought out the intricacies of Kathak expressively and reached out to the
audience sensitively. In her concert, the audience instantly applauded the traditional
aspects of Kathak in their purest form and the sophistication in her Abhinaya. In her
performance, the rich tradition of Kathak was resplendent in all its glory …
from Hindi) Dainik Bhaskar, 1997
Kathak and Odissi steal the show at ‘Vasantotsav’
Prerana of Pune stole the show while giving her Kathak performance. Her fast
movements, and both aspects of Kathak – Nritta and Abhinaya came out brilliantly and
reached out to a very receptive audience …
Samachar, 1993
Prerana’s rigorous ‘Riyaaz’ has come to grips in the Kathak style of dance exposition.
She is of slender built and proportionate weight that helps her in maneuvering delicate
turns and twists in dance sequences. Delicate footwork tuned to the bols of the
percussion received rapt attention of the Rasikas. Prerana’s amazing power of
translation of the Tabla bols into oral expression and then in her performance, was
superb as that of a mnemonic ….
Star of Mysore, 1993
Pune’s Prerana with her royal Kathak performance left the audience spellbound. Her
performance was the most appreciated performance of the evening. This artist of Pune
without her regular accompanists performed extempore with the local musicians of
Katani and earned a deep respect of connoisseurs. Prerana’s speed, delicate
expression and Padhant astounded the audience…. Dainik Bhaskar, 1994
Prerana, one of the foremost young Kathak artists of the country, was conferred the title
of the ‘NrityaShree’. She was felicitated with the ‘Kiran Taj’. In her concert that followed
the ceremony, Prerana with respectful permission of her Guru, presented her Kathak
performance which touched the hearts of the audience, stamped her authority over the
art and justified her acknowledgement as one of the most talented artists of her
generation. Kathak’s purity was well maintained and the audience very well received
her ‘live’ Abhinaya. Her movements, richness of the compositions and attractive
presentation impressed one and all …Dainik Madhya Pradesh, 1995