Nrityadham - My humble offering to my guru
I had the privilege to learn Kathak in its purest traditional form from legendary Pt. Rohini
Bhate, who herself is the disciple of stalwarts like Pt. Lacchu Maharaj and Pt. Mohanrao
Kalyanpurkar. This rich heritage of Kathak and long association with my Guru under
Guru-Shishya Parampara, helped me to develop deep understanding and practical
implementation of traditional expressions, rhythm, music as well as literature in Kathk.
Kathak is a very wholesome art and has the ability to enchant audience inspite of the
changing times. I have experienced a deep satisfaction in presenting and conveying the
nuances and aesthetics of Kathak in its purest form to the audience both in India and
To preserve this heritage and develop the art further while maintaining the traditional
roots is possible only when the art is passed on from Guru (Teacher) to Shishya
(Disciple). At the same time, for art to survive and prosper, I feel that it has to be
performed in its traditional form globally. It must interact with other such art forms froms
various geographies and must be learnt by many students worldwide.
Nrityadham is my humble effort to provide a platform for students from all over to learn
Kathak in its purest form and take this art forward. In its efforts, Nrityadham organizes
solo concerts, traditional and theme based choreographies and lecture
demonstrations, workshops in different art forms.